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Our clinically studied medical grade peels work to transport active ingredients to the deeper layers of skin. Chemical peels have many advantages including but not limited to the treatment of rosacea, acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydrated skin, and brightening of the skin. We use nanotechnology developed by physicians to provide no peel chemical peels.

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BEFORE & AFTER: Revitalizing Chemical Peel & Left Eyebrow Lift

before acne treatmentpost chemical peel acne treatment

BEFORE & AFTER: Chemical Peel Acne Protocol – 2 Treatments, 1 week Apart

Chemical Peel Pricing

Standard Peel
Décolletage & Hands Add-On (Single)
Décolletage & Hands Add-On (Both)
No Peel Chemical Peel

MediDerma Professional peels use innovative nanotechnology that allow molecules to enter the skin barrier more effectively while causing less irritation. The molecules are encapsulated in lipids, thus allowing for easier entry. These are highly effective with zero to minimal downtime. 

Customized Peel
$150 - $200

We can formulate a customized peel for you depending on your skincare concerns. These may include but are not limited to skin dullness, acne scars, active acne outbreaks, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots, lack of moisture, and protective peels.

Firming Peel

Stimulates Collagen and Elastin and helps to improve the appearance of aging skin and wrinkles. Consists of antioxidants to prevent the attack of free radicals and also has moisturizing, firming, and regenerative properties.

Revitalizing Peel

Deeply hydrates and evens skin tone. Increases collagen and prevents free radicals from forming. Ideal for photo-aged, hyperpigmented, and/or damaged skins.

Acne Peel

Treat and prevent further acne breakouts while decreasing acne scaring at the same time. This peel has minimum to zero downtime. A series of peels is recommended for the optimal outcome.

Many more peels and additives are available, customized to your specific skin care needs.

Can add microneedling to certain peels at a discounted rate.

Chemical Peel Questions and Answers

What are the benefits of chemical peels?
  • Increase collagen and elastin
  • Reduce wrinkle depth and firm skin
  • Eliminate sun spots and even out skin tone
  • Control excess oil and inflammation of the skin to control acne
  • Reduce scarring, acne, and stretch marks
  • Revitalize and moisturize the skin
  • Lighten dark circles under the eye
What do I need to do to prepare for my peel?
Stop using Retin A 48 hours before and do not resume for 48 hours after unless specifically told to continue by your provider.

Discontinue using Glycolic Acid (higher than 12%) 48 hours before and after the peel.

Do not wax within a week of your treatment.

You must be off Accutane for a minimum of 8 to 12 months before peels can be safely done.

Do not suntan for 7 days before or after your peel.

Peels can not be done on open lesions. (Herpes)

What will I notice during and after the procedure?

During application, it is normal to notice a tingling or stinging sensation which will disappear a few minutes after the peel is removed.

Your skin will be slightly red and tight afterward but will feel very smooth.

The first week is when the skin undergoes a process of cell renewal which means there will be a slight amount of exfoliation. Every patient will experience different amounts of peeling depending on the type of peel selected.

How often can I receive a peel?
You can have a chemical peel every 21-30 days. The final number will always depend on the state of your skin, and your desired result.
What other treatments can be combined with peels to maximize my results?
Micro-Needling and Micro-Channeling can be combined with your peel in order to enhance your desired results.
What do I need to do after receiving a peel?
Post-care kits can be purchased to take home to further enhance the results of your peel. Sunscreen should also be applied every day, throughout the day.

Do not swim in chlorinated water for 24 hours.

No saunas, steaming, or shaving of the affected area for 24 hours.

Must wait 7 to 10 days for Laser hair removal.

Learn About Our No Peel Nanotechnology

From the Practioner

Kristen Drenga

My journey to becoming an advanced practice nurse specializing in anesthesia and aesthetics started at the early age of 14 when I began working in a retirement community. For over 25 years now I have committed my life to take care of others and I love it. Most of my career has been spent in the intensive care setting and providing anesthesia to operative patients.

Just like every story has two sides so does my passion for providing care to others. I have always been in love with beauty, fashion, and the creative process. My dream career and goal in life have led me to merge the two sides of myself into the practitioner I am today.

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