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About Kristen Drenga

My journey to becoming an advanced practice nurse specializing in anesthesia and aesthetics started at the early age of 14 when I began working in a retirement community. For over 25 years now I have committed my life to take care of others and I love it. Most of my career has been spent in the intensive care setting and providing anesthesia to operative patients. Just like every story has two sides so does my passion for providing care to others. I have always been in love with beauty, fashion, and the creative process. My dream career and goal in life have led me to merge the two sides of myself into the practitioner I am today.

My background as an advanced practice nurse has taught me that safety and understanding of what a patient is experiencing is number one. Safe, effective, research-based care is my priority in delivering customized care to my clients. I believe that there is beauty in everything and everyone and I have the creative capability and eye to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. When I wasn’t working, my time was spent creating music, art, and literature and developing my skills in aesthetic techniques. There came a point in my life when I realized that I could merge both sides of my passion for medicine and beauty into one career. I believe in preserving beauty and creating a natural, healthy look. I take a multi-system approach to help you achieve your best self. Healthy skin comes from within. A one-fix approach doesn’t exist to achieving your healthy skin goals. It is a lifestyle approach and that is why I created TEAL, The Elite Aesthetic Lifestyle. Together we can get you there and you can learn to maintain and accentuate the beauty you already have.

When I am not working, my time is spent with my two precious children, charming husband, and glamorous Dalmatian. I have experienced what it feels like having two under two, working two full-time jobs, and running a household all at the same time. Although life at times can be exhausting there is no greater reward than being able to share it with the ones you love and work in a field that brings you great joy. In all the chaos, time needs to be spent nurturing your inner and outer self. Nothing is impossible, dreams matter, and hard work and dedication never go out of style. This is not a time to neglect yourself, it’s a time to nourish it. I hope that you will allow me to share a piece of myself with you and help you on your journey to living The Elite Aesthetic Lifestyle.

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